Preparing, Protecting and Passing On One Of Your Most Important Possessions

Your Digital Legacy

We all have a digital life, some of us more than others. In the past, if a life event occurred we went down to the safety deposit box and retrieved our important documents, photos, and insurance policies, and now, more than 75% of us are online and so are many of those irreplaceable items formerly housed in our bank.

While the computer has made our lives much easier and everything is available with a click, there are some real issues for those who need to retrieve our digital (online) assets after we’re gone or incapacitated. These may not seem like they have much value, but the value is in the vital data they contain or the sentimental value of photos that are irreplaceable.

All of this is considered your digital estate or legacy, which if not protected, can be lost forever to your loved ones. Learning about the steps below will ensure that your digital estate is properly constructed.

Protecting Your Digital (online) Assets

Digital assets or property is any information about you or created by you in digital (electronic) form, including; passwords, email accounts, social media accounts, healthcare sites, medical and dental sites, investment sites, insurance sites, shopping accounts, photo sites, online storage accounts, etc.. All your digital property is considered your digital estate. Developing a Digital Asset Protection Plan is essential to protect and communicating your digital estate.

Organizing, Protecting and Sharing your Irreplaceable Photos and Slides

Your photos and slides, for many, are the most important possession of all! Old family photos are wonderful keepsakes. They're priceless and, unlike digital photos, you can't take another one. The task to organize and digitize them can be daunting, but with a plan and some consulting, it can be done. Learn how to organize, digitize, and the cost of this effort.

Creating and Preserving Your Wishes, Values, History and Beliefs

An updated 3,500-year-old Jewish tradition, Ethical wills (Legacy Letters, Forever Letters) are a way of passing beliefs, values, blessings, history and moral direction from one generation to the next. Learn how to compose them, why they matter and who should receive them.